*(Warranties / Disclaimer: UBER Limousine) has no direct affiliation with any wineries, hotels, or restaurants in terms of compensation other than for the transportation and wine tour service it provides. Several wineries may advertise or recommend UBER Limousine for weddings and other transportation services on their website or by allowing brochures or business cards to be distributed at their retail sites. Packages may be offered in conjunction with limousine service, wine tasting, and hotel or Bed & Breakfast to provide a convenience to visitors. Restaurant suggestions are based on past reservations by either our regular or wine tasting guests. UBER Limo has rights to uberlimousine.com and is one of many services offered by the company. UBER Limo does not condone the abuse of alcohol. UBER Limo client assumes full responsibility for his/her guests in regards to the consumption of alcohol in UBER Limousine property, as well as behavior in wineries, restaurants and other accommodations. UBER Limo client assumes to pay all replacement value of any articles that are damaged, broken or missing inside transportation provided by UBER Limo. There is a minimum charge of $500.00 for client’s and their party suffering motion sickness .The client assumes full responsibility for personal articles brought into the UBER transportation and indemnifies UBER Limo against claims or damages related to items brought to or inside the vehicles. UBER Limo does not condone the hiring of our vehicles for illegal purposes. We assume NO responsibility for illegal actions by our clients in our vehicles or in other locations other than UBER Limo property. If the client or his/her guests verbally or physically threaten the chauffeur/driver or make demands that may violate the contract or reservation that can possibly bring harm or damage to the UBER Limo property, driver and/or clients, use any illegal drugs or substances in the coach section of the vehicle, or if the chauffeur/driver determines that a minor is using drugs or alcohol, the service can be terminated with NO refunds of any monies. UBER Limousine is not responsible for party after they have exited their vehicle at the end of their reservation. UBER Limo does not serve alcohol in their vehicles. If client and their party bring alcohol on board, they are solely responsible for their actions. UBER Limo will not allow the dropping off of clients at their vehicles or parking lots if the driver identifies an abuse of alcohol. UBER Limo will make reservations at vineyards as per the client’s instructions or choice of wineries. The wine tasting “fees” are paid for by our clients direct to the vineyard tasting room, unless previous arrangements for transaction are made between clients and tasting room. Total costs for wine tasting fees and optional lunch will be deducted from the quote prior to the reservation date. The customer is responsible for payment to UBER Limo for the transportation provided which will include base rate, gratuity, fuel fee, tolls (if applicable) and IL sales tax.))
Parties of 14 or more passengers will be handled by an authorized carrier.
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